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Wanna Take A Leap Off John Woo's RED CLIFF? Looks Like One Helluva Ride!

Hey folks, Harry here... When Paul Verhoeven went home, he made BLACK BOOK... Now, John Woo has returned to Asia - and he has made RED CLIFF - An enormous Asian production of $75 million - Woo is setting this epic in the Three Kingdoms period in China - and daammmnnnn.... it looks huge. I'm giddy to see what comes from this film - and can not wait to see it. Is this the rebirth of John Woo? A John Woo without the pain in the ass of dealing with Studios that just don't get him? Who knows - I do know that having John Woo make a Chinese Epic with this scale of finance and cooperation... it could be the makings of greatness. Check this pixelly YouTube trailer to see for yourself...

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