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Frank Darabont shows off a special feature on THE MIST DVD - plus - what's going on with THE WOLFMAN?

Hey folks, Harry here - This morning I got a nice little email from Frank Darabont regarding his impending DVD of THE MIST! When people send Video via email - it's always a surprise.... it could be something delightful... or it could be something morally offensive that you can't stop watching repeatedly then subjecting all your friends to, against their better judgement. Well - this time - it's much better. THE MIST will be released on March 25th - and for now - other than knowing there will be a 2-Disc Special Edition - there's not much known... till this special video that Frank sent me. On the second disc - there's an alternate version of the feature film - made especially for hardcore vintage horror film geeks (like me). But wait... here, let's have Frank spoil it all on his own...

Ok - Now that that is out of the way - let's discuss THE WOLF MAN. The Hollywood Reporter has done a pretty good job of displaying who is currently in the field. Right now, I've heard that Brett is out. But the others they mention are decidedly superior... First - there's FRANK DARABONT - Personally - I can't imagine a better choice. Frank is a director with an eye for detail, a passion for the material and an exquisite technique. There's JAMES MANGOLD - Again here's a tremendous director, whose 3:10 TO YUMA really was a shock to the system. There's JOE JOHNSTON - Director of THE ROCKETEER, JUMANJI, OCTOBER SKY and JURASSIC PARK III - He's never made a film quite like this one. A film of atmosphere, powerful acting and horror - but I wouldn't bet he couldn't pull it off. Joe is pretty damn amazing. There's BILL CONDON - sure most of you are thinking about Bill from films like DREAMGIRLS or KINSEY - but do you remember his love letter to Universal Horror and Director James Whale - the absolutely brilliant GODS AND MONSTERS? His WOLFMAN could be something rather incredible as well. In addition to the names mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter - I've also heard that Neil Marshall is pursuing this rather intensely... He's done the werewolf vein before with DOG SOLDIERS, a film I'm really quite fond of... even if the budget did sort of hold it back a bit. And the amazing DESCENT. The real question here is could he tackle a film with problems at this size of budget? Or is his indie horror experience the exact thing necessary? There's also MARTIN CAMPBELL - who I'm not especially a big fan of. He's done big films, but other than the excellent CASINO ROYALE - he's been a bit of a mess. The folks at The Collider have heard that JOHN LANDIS is vying for the job! God, that would be cool. Then there's the last name I've heard in the rumor mill... GUILLERMO DEL TORO - I'd love to see a Guillermo WOLF MAN movie. I think he'd do amazing work on it, but it would compromise the post production on HELLBOY 2 - and serve to distract him in the pre-production and development phase of the HOBBIT films. All in all - if it was my choice - I'm thinking FRANK DARABONT feels the most right. What do you folks think?

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