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PRINCE CASPIAN one-sheet debut - behold Eddie Izzard awesome rodentry!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... It seems that PRINCE CASPIAN is steaming it's way towards us and everything I've seen on it points towards a more sinister, darker rendition of that war-torn land of Narnia. All those cute critters and they just arm themselves and hack at it. What's the purpose? I suppose if you gave the gift of gab to the critters of the forest, they'd all get to screaming at one another about feeding on their nephew or cousin... it'd be a furry Hatfield-McCoy scenario pretty quick. But man... you start giving every critter a working gripping thumb... and armor and metal. Damn... that'd get real nasty real quick. Well, this "Exclusive" One Sheet debut reveals a new heroic and intensely violent rodent given weaponry and a slashing tongue. That's right - right there is Reepicheep, officially debuting on this here one sheet. He's being voiced in the film by Eddie Izzard - and I've seen him in action at Butt-Numb-A-Thon 9 - he wasn't quite complete yet, but the action showed him being pretty darn violent with that blade of his. Click on the below poster for a more biggum version. Enjoy...

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