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The subjects of the 2008 Paley Fest events (held this year at the Arclight in Hollywood) have been known for a bit, but I just received word of the actual dates of some of those events. March 14: Elvis 1968 Comeback Special March 15: Pushing Daisies March 17: The Comedy World of Judd Apatow March 18: Chuck March 20: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion March 21: Dancing with the Stars March 25: Dirty Sexy Money March 27: Mad Men This isn’t a complete list (“Gossip Girl” is another show that will be honored), but all events will fall between “Elvis” and “Mad Men.” The complete schedule will be announced Feb. 4. We'll likely learn at that time which creators should be on stage each night. (It'll be interesting to see if big-deal movie star Sarah Michelle Gellar will turn up for the "Buffy" reunion!) $750 premium ticket packages go on sale to both members and non-members Feb. 4. Individual tickets become available Feb. 7 to museum members at $50 and $35 per seat. If any tickets are left, they go on sale to non-members Feb. 10. More info is or will be available at

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