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If CAPRICA Is Being Eyed For Production, Has Anyone Told GALACTICA's Ron Moore??

I am – Hercules!! “I just got a call from NBC-Universal,” SciFi Channel VP Mark Stern says in the current, sci-fi issue of TV Guide. “They want us to take another look at [‘Battlestar’ Galactica’ prequel ‘Caprica’].” Reconsideration for the long-shelved project was reportedly born out of the ongoing writer’s strike, as “Caprica’s” teleplay was completed long ago. But a reader asked “Galactica” mastermind Ron Moore about the project on Wednesday, more than a week subsequent to publication of Stern’s words in TV Guide. That reader’s report:
Howdy Herc, I won a contest for the pencils2mediamoguls and was in direct communication with Ron D. Moore and asked him about the prequel. His Words: "Despite the rumors to the contrary, there's still no word on ‘Caprica.’ I have yet to get a call from the network about it, and if they're really considering it, they're keeping it to themselves." Hope this helps clarify what’s actually happening with that.
So is SciFi, which has already greenlit the likes of “Frankenfish,” “MegaSnake” and “Mansquito” (to say nothing of “Flash Gordon” and “Painkiller Jane”), still not serious about putting the “Caprica” pilot in production?

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