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Re: That Paul Thomas Anderson Horror movie rumor

Hey folks, Harry here... a tad intoxicated, but still able to quasi construct sentences. Earlier today - AICN posted a story that was in reaction to a rumor that had heard that stated that Paul Thomas Anderson was looking to shoot a Horror film as his next project. Moriarty posted about it - but I decided to run the rumor by Paul to see what he would say. Here's what he responded with:

News to me. I thought I just made a horror film.... Wish I had something to report, but I'm dry as a bone... pta.

So that's what the man himself has to say about it. Now does that mean his next film won't be a horror film? No. It just means that at this juncture - he hasn't begun to explore what his next film is. He's in AWARDS SEASON hand-shaking and meeting. He tends to take time between projects, I'll be surprised if he states what he's up to next for at least half a year or more.

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