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Is This An Early Description Of The INDIANA JONES 4 Trailer?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. That’s what a brand-new spy claims. This is an unproven source. But based on the volume of mail I get from you guys asking for any information whatsoever about this film, I figure we can have a little fun with this description of the trailer, which we’ll see premiering on the official Indiana Jones website on Friday, February 15th, with a theatrical launch the day before. This spy keeps calling this a teaser, but considering how long it is until the film’s in theaters, how many trailers do you think they’re really going to do? Is this what you’ll see when the trailer premieres with, I’m assuming, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES? Time will tell...

Here is the info: The trailer starts off with the Paramount logo, then shows the idol from the start of RAIDERS. Words come across the screen and say, "He found the Ark..." Then clips from TEMPLE OF DOOM as it says, "He survived the Temple..." Then clips of the third movie and, "He saved the Grail." Then it shows a clip of a car pulling up and Indiana being thrown from the car. Then it says, "On May 22nd... he is back," and it shows him picking up his hat and the silhouette of Indiana Jones. Cue theme song. Some really fast action scenes follow, and the highlight is a car chase scene in the warehouse where RAIDERS ends. One quick shot shows a box that is labled "Roswell". The trailer shows Cate Blanchett with dark hair ordering around troops. The teaser then shows what looks to be a huge Mayan temple where the actors fall through quicksand, and the temple opens up and they start running down a long staircase where the stairs are coming out from the walls. After some more quick action scenes, the trailer ends with Shia Labeouf standing at the bottom of stairs and looking up to Harrison Ford. Shia says, "I thought you said you were a teacher?!?!" After two quick scenes where Indiana is punching a guy, it cuts back to Harrison and he replies, "Part time!" I wasn't expecting much, but I was more than surprised and pleased with what I saw. Call me Short But Not Round.
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