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More News On The New Jack Ryan Film -- Does It Have A Director Now?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. If this is true, then I am officially interested in the new Jack Ryan film in a way that hasn’t been true since THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

A couple of days ago we reported that Paramount is working on a new Jack Ryan movie - one without the involvement of author Tom Clancy, the creator of the literary hero. Today we received word that the front runner to direct "By Any Means Necessary" - which will star Ryan Gosling as Ryan, if the studio gets their way; he's yet to sign - is Fernando Meirelles , director of the acclaimed films "City of God" and "City of Men". An interesting choice indeed. Not exactly the first choice on anybody's lips when someone's in need of a helmer for their action/thriller, but at the same time, one that will no doubt deliver something different... which is clearly what the Ryan series' needs - a shake-up. Again, nobody - neither director or actor - has signed for the new Ryan movie yet, but this is who Paramount is talking to as of today. Read the whole story here!
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