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The Weinsteins effing the f out of FANBOYS?!?

Hey, guys. "Moriarty" here. Just to clarify something... Judd Apatow is NOT involved with this in any way, shape, or fashion. Shauna Robertson, his producer, is. It's not a package deal. Shauna's the one helping to re-edit this, and it's not because the Weinsteins forced it. I think there's a real push happening here to find a version of the movie that makes everyone happy. Also, there was no new writing done for these reshoots. Everything was either done as improv, or old pages from the eight gajillion drafts of this were used. No new writing was done by anyone. I'll have a full report on all things FANBOYS later this week to sort out what's real, what was reshot, and what may eventually find its way to theaters. Anyway... back to it...

Hey folks, Harry here... I saw the original version of FANBOYS, a long long time ago. The movie that existed prior to all this apparent tampering - which I've heard isn't at Apatow's crews behest, but at the hands of Harvey Weinstein himself. What I loved about FANBOYS was that the film wasn't just a 'yuckfest' but actually had a heart and a soul to it. Like most FANBOYS themselves, the movie was about the friendship and the possible loss of a friend that made the boys stand up and take on the impossible. The word I've heard is that this Tuesday and Wednesday in Burbank at 7:30pm both versions of the film are being test screened and they're going to give it up to the audience to decide which version to release... the one that has them go on this mission for a reason... or just for the fuck of it. It'll be sad if we lose the soul of this movie. We'll just have to wait and see.

Hey guys, I have a friend close to the Fanboys production who says some things are going on with it, that I thought you'd like to know about. Apparently Judd Apatow and his co-producer Shauna Robertson have gotten involved with the movie and are making some big changes and were involved with some re-shoots about two weeks ago. I've got more about it at my blog: Click Here I'll add the full post below, feel free to quote what you want and link to my blog. As I said in he comments section yesterday I was recently informed of some goings on with Fanboys, which apparently haven't been reported elsewhere. Apparently Judd Apatow's production company has picked up Fanboys and he and co-producer Shauna Robertson have apparently taken the movie under their wing and are making a lot of changes and were doing re-shoots about 2-3 weeks ago. I love the Apatow crew and with the exception of "Walk Hard" have enjoyed their movies. But I'm hoping they don't turn this into a "hard" R-rated comedy as the footage I saw was very sweet and was easily PG-13 (it might possibly end up being R, but not because every other word is a cuss word, so please keep it that way). From what I saw the movie didn't need reworking, which is apparently what the Apatow crew are doing. Rumors are that one of the big changes would rework the entire plot of the movie and would honestly highly disappoint me. The story follows a group of friends who try to break in Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of Star Wars Episode 1. The reason they finally agree to do it is because one of the friends in dying of cancer and won't live to see it in theaters. Apparently the Apatow people have done research which says most people won't laugh for 5 or 10 minutes after cancer is mentioned so they want to do away with the entire cancer subplot and I've heard they have a version which edited out the entire cancer plot. This means it's just a group of punk kids breaking into Skywalker Ranch to steal a movie to see it before it comes out. Why would I root for these kids to steal the film, if the noble reason for doing it is gone? Judd if you read this, I'm all for more jokes and more money to make the film better, but for heaven's sake, please don't edit out the cancer plot. If you take this point away, you get rid of the heart of the film. The entire reason these kids go on this adventure is because they want their friend to see the movie before he succumbs to cancer. I understand cancer kills comedy, but a movie can have a 5 minute recovery period, it's okay! (Apparently some of the actors aren't happy with this either so maybe ask them about it) Hopefully this version of the film has already been shot down and all these rumors will be for not, but if so I hope fan outpouring can change their minds. -- Travis Tidmore
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