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Stallone wants to hear more questions from you folks, cuz Heroes don't die, they just Reload your Questions!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... between being hit with this evil flu virus and installing a Wii today - I haven't gotten much of anything done. But I did have a conversation with the wondrous Celeste of Stallone's office and the Sly one wants to do a quick down and dirty 10 questions a day for 5 days beginning this coming Monday through Friday. I'm going to send the first batch of questions this Thursday. As you know - Stallone has a new RAMBO movie hitting January 25th here in the U.S. of A. So if you have questions about that film, I'm sure he'd love to answer them... or if you are curious about his other activities... the Poe film... will he be a Terminator... Death Wish... Boxing.. etc... He'll answer. You remember what it was like last time. So how do you get your question answered? 1st... Your subject line must be exactly this: I Want To Take On RAMBO 2nd... In each email you may submit 3 questions. 3rd... Include your name and/or alias - and where you're from Send your questions to: HK @ Aint It Cool. Com It's a short burn, but I'm sure it'll be lively! Harry

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