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Movieweb does not have the CLOVERFIELD Monster and Paramount is not dumping HD DVD - Financial Times

Hey folks, Harry here... working on my DVD column - I got hit with some dire dreaded strain of some evil viral infection and have just come out of the haze of strange colored substances flung from me lungs... And I get to the computer to see... "CLOVERFIELD MONSTER ONLINE" and "PARAMOUNT SAYS HELLO BLU-RAY" -- Well... ok, let's check on these. The alleged CLOVERFIELD monster comes from MovieWeb - That is not an early design - nor is it - the final design. It is, according to my sources (and my sources do kick ass) - "BUNK" SO I looked up "BUNK" and found that it is a built in platform bed... or a trough for feeding cattle... or sleeping quarters... or...... HUMBUG, NONSENSE! So... I guess you can sleep on that image, feed it to your cattle... or just know that it's total bullshit. NOW for rumor number 2... Paramount dumping HD DVD because Warners did. Not True. I generally consider THE FINANCIAL TIMES above such rumor mongering, but it seems some folks are eagerly advancing the complete and total obliteration of the HD DVD format. We're hearing rumors like Paramount dropping the format (NOT TRUE) as well as rumors that Sony paid Warners through the nose, because they fear that Disney and Fox may leave them (Also not true). There's rumors aplenty - I just wanted to settle these two HUGE rumors going around the net today. THE CLOVERFIELD MONSTER is not online... yet. PARAMOUNT is not leaving HD DVD. That's the gosh darned truth of the matter.

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