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Re-Emerge On ABC!!

I am – Hercules!! The WGA strike is, as predicted, proving a boon to reality TV producers. MyNet has brought back the long-dead “Meet My Folks” and “Paradise Hotel,” CBS is mounting an extra edition of “Big Brother” six months early, and now comes word that ABC is resurrecting “The Mole” four years after its last season concluded. Can a primetime revival of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” be far behind? One can only hope that the new “Mole,” expected to arrive this summer, proceeds without boorish halfwit Ahmad Rashad, who replaced Anderson Cooper as host in the later episodes and single-handedly soured the entire franchise for millions. Read all of Variety’s story on the matter here. As you proceed to talkback, keep in mind that the fellows who complain loudest about reality television are inevitably the first caught by their mothers masturbating in front of “American Gladiators.”

Fox and MGM have knocked 48-50% off a number of their series titles, including: $15.49 The Die Hard Trilogy $30.99 Rocky: The Complete Saga $34.99 The Addams Family: The Complete Series $69.99 Angel: The Complete Series $74.99 Family Guy: Party Pack $19.99 Land of the Giants: The Complete Series $145.99 The James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set $164.99 Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series

Sony has organized a 2Fer sale. Buy two or more and you could get: * MTV’s complete 2003 “Spider-Man” series for $9.50, * the complete series of the “The Tick” for $11, * “Soap” season-sets for $11 each, * “All in the Family” season sets for $11 each * “Newsradio” season-sets for $14.75 each, * “Seinfeld” season-sets for $18 each, and * “Not Just The Best of The Larry Sanders Show” for $18.75. Lots of others too. Find 171 titles in the 2Fer Sale HERE!!

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