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Hey folks, Harry here... About 3 and a half weeks ago I bought my first BLU-RAY player... The SHARP - BD-HP20. Until 2 days ago - I had only 11 Blu Ray titles - as the player was hooked via standard def cables into an outmoded ONKYO Receiver... But then I bought a DENON AVR-3808CI receiver - mainly due to the number of HDMI ports and the amazing upconverting powers it wields - and its general adaptibility. And then yesterday I finally received my Epson Cinema 550 Home Theater Projector with full 1080p super powers. And then Yoko and I hooked it all up and took it out for a ride. First title I put in? CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND - Blu Ray... For weeks I've wanted to watch this disc, but with the ports I had available - it looked like normal broadcast fuzzy television. Sadness. Through the DENON and the EPSON projector... it sprung to life in a way I have never seen. Crystal clarity and the 7.1 surround with that sound... my god... it was beautiful. I watched the "light show" part of the film, then put in RATATOUILLE - wanting to see Pixar converted - and frankly - what blew my mind was the BLU RAY trailer for SLEEPING BEAUTY - due out Fall of 2008. GODDAMNIT, PUT IT OUT NOW! Then I put in EXCALIBUR on HD-DVD and then a Comparison of THE HOST in both formats... Frankly - they were both excellent. Then I turned on my HD DVR and decided to watch HD MOVIES presentation of DRAGONSLAYER in 1080 beauty... Then... I went shopping for the BLU RAY titles I've been coveting. I got BLACK BOOK, DAY OF THE DEAD, SKY HIGH, APOCALYPTO, CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, LAYER CAKE, THE TERMINATOR, SPIDER-MAN Trilogy, All 4 DIE HARDS, The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Trilogy, Pixar Shorts, FIFTH ELEMENT, MONSTER HOUSE, BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA, HAIRSPRAY, SHOOT EM UP and then three titles I haven't seen that were massively marked down... DEJA VU, CASANOVA and THE GUARDIAN. FRY'S got some good money from me today... And at the end of the day I come home to find out... WARNERS has chosen BLU-RAY. For me - BLU RAY titles are still a bit weak, compared to the titles that have come out on HD... but now that Warners has lined up behind BLU RAY exclusively starting this summer... It'll be hard for anyone to make a case that HD DVD can win. The only things that HD DVD could do would be to woo DISNEY or FOX to their format... and at this point, I don't know how likely that is. My personal collection stands at over 230 HD DVD titles and 34 BLU RAYs. At this point, I prefer the interactivity of HD DVD and obviously my at home selection. What I'm TWO MILLION PERCENT sold on is High Definition. This new Epson 1080 p projector is just fucking jaw-dropping. And the Receiver's up-converting of my cable is the best it has ever ever looked. I know the good folks at HD DVD, and it'll be fascinating to see how they bounce back from this blow. Losing WARNER BROTHERS isn't quite the kiss of death, but it is a blow that needs immediate miraculous attention. Now excuse me... I get to rediscover most of my existing HD DVD collection and my ever-growing BLU-RAY collection... and I have to get the new DVD column together. The war wages on, but Blu Ray won quite a victory today, there's no doubting that.

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