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Fidel Castro Has Discovered The Fountain Of Youth? Images from Soderbergh's CHE epics emerge!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Can't wait to see this two film epic from Soderbergh. I know the OCEAN films pay the bills, but this is the sort of material that really turns us film fans onto Steven in the first place. Demian Bichir looks fantastic as Fidel - and this is a production I think we'll all look forward to hearing more on as the year progresses, right? And remember, Castro wants you to vote Huckabee!

Hi Harry! Just wanted to pass along these new photos from the set of Steven Soderbergh's two-movie Che Guevara epic, "The Argentine" and "Guerrilla." These new pics were first leaked to BenicioDelToro.Ca. They show Demian Bichir in the role of Fidel Castro. Personally I preferred the original choice, Javier Bardem, who was originally cast but moved on when Soderbergh postponed "Guerrilla" to do "Ocean's 13." Still, the sets and costumes look amazingly authentic! If you use this just call me The Crawling King Snake.

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