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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yeah, I know... This is old and not even really news, but what the hell? It's worth the talkback to discuss this at the very least. If you've seen I AM LEGEND you undoubtedly noticed a certain banner ad in deserted post-apocalyptic Times Square for a BATMAN/SUPERMAN movie. If you haven't seen the flick yet, check this below:

Now I don't think this is some super-advanced viral bit... I think the filmmakers probably said, "What movies can we get free access to known symbols for these posters? Let's see... we're a Warner Bros movie, so what do they have... A ha! DC characters! Eureka!" Probably just like that, with a little flair at the end for the "Eureka!" However, we do know that Warners is continuing their SUPERMAN and BATMAN franchises, even putting the characters together in George Miller's JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. Wolfgang Petersen was involved in doing a BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN movie before Singer's SUPES and Nolan's BATMAN went ahead. So, in the spirit of anticipation of the new year, let's talk about what you want to see from a movie promoted by that above image. Who to direct? I'd love to see Darren Aranofsky get his shot at BATMAN like he almost did with YEAR ONE. Would you want a recasted Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent or Bale and Routh? Or just Bale? Or just Routh? Do you want them fighting each other or a team-up movie? I'd like to personally see a team-up... because if you remember all those VS comics always ended up being pretty much just a team up and one argument... a few fists thrown and then some sorrys and a renewed interest to kick ass together. You can do that and not remind people of shitty movies like AVP 1 and 2. Batman's smarts and detective skills coupled with Superman's brawn and unblinking goodness. I'm thinking we'll get a taste of this with JL, but what about a solo movie? Thoughts?

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