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Keira Knightley is a hot and vintage sexy tomboy beanpole as THE DUCHESS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Somewhere millions of men have started reading bodice-stories imagining Keira Knightley - who is basically becoming the female Fabio of the period romantic groin sweaty page turners. PRIDE & PREJUDICE was fantastic, those Pirate movies had us panting, ATONEMENT was magnificent - and now we get her as THE DUCHESS... based on Amanda Foreman's novel "GEORGIANA, DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE" - it's fantastic looking and she really is Viagra at twenty-four frames a second... and man... that hair is just asking to get mussed up!

Click here to get sweaty, Massawyrm... I know he's the first one to click on this story. Really - admit it... You know you're reading this! Addict!

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