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Sneak Peek at Henry Selick directed Neil Gaiman's CORALINE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - Seems that Neil Gaiman decided to give us all an early Christmas present... something to keep us all happy and daffy til Sandy Claws gives us the shrunken head we all asked for. And what is this present? An advance look - our first look - at actual footage for Henry Selick's first ALL-STOP MOTION ANIMATED FILM since NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS... called... CORALINE and based upon Neil's amazing novel of the same name. It's funny - I was at a friend's Christmas Party tonight and NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS came up as being the most perfect film of our adult lives. The film we could watch endlessly. Coraline is a very different story - but there's magic in the footage below... check it and see...

What's Under Coraline's Covers? Don't You Want To Know?

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