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‘We Have To Go Back, Kate!!’
Seen The LOST Promo Yet??

I am – Hercules!! I thought for certain everyone had gandered upon the season-four “Lost” promo at this point, but readers keep discovering it. If you’ve not seen it, has its copy here. If you can't make it play, ABC begins airing on Jan. 31 the eight new episodes of "Lost" scripted before the writers' strike.

$19.99!!!! 67% OFF!!
WARNER BROS.' EVER-EVOLVING TV SALE!! $14.99 Smallville 1.x-5.x (75% OFF!!) $14.99 Veronica Mars 1.x-2.x (75% OFF!!) $19.99 Carnivale 1.x-2.x (67% OFF!!) $19.99 ER 6.x-7.x (60% OFF!!) $19.99 From The Earth To The Moon (67% OFF!!) $19.99 Six Feet Under 1.x-5.x (67% OFF!!) $23.99 Gilmore Girls 1.x-6.x (60% OFF!!)

50% OFF!! All Five Individual Definitive Editions!! $34.99 Season One!! $34.99 Season Two!! $34.99 Season Three!! $34.99 Season Four!! $34.99 Season Five!!

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