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WALL*E has a new trailer & a viral website!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... At Butt-Numb-A-Thon 9 this year - a pair of producers from Pixar's latest brought 15 minutes of astonishing footage from WALL*E. It began, very much like this new trailer -- showing us WALL*E's humdrum life on Earth... where he's basically been left marooned for the past 700 years... compacting trash and fitting it together like legos into the world's largest building block set. We learn that his only companion is a tiny cockroach... Then EVE arrives... an elegantly designed "Mac-ish" looking robot - and thus begins a romance... He takes her back to his pad to show her the treasures he has amassed in the 700 years upon Planet Earth... the character animation in this sequence is amongst the best I've ever seen in the 100 years or so that Animation has been around. Just stunning work. Then she must leave... and WALL*E can't bear to see her go. So - as you'll see on the last series of shots... he hitches a ride - and from there... he ventures into the heavens... Now in the Headline - there was a mention of a viral site. In the film there is a company BnL... short for BUYNLARGE - this is the company running things in the future - and I know this because I was presented with a BnL tracksuit (that fits!) from Pixar at BNAT - and they told me about the site. This site is hilariously subversive and dry-witted. Enjoy!

WALL-E Exclusive Trailer

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