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EXCLUSIVE: TNT's promotional art for "Crusade" ((includes large image)) !!!

Glen here...

...happy to present what must be the most annoying file ever received by Coaxial. This thing just plain sucked. This file did things I've never seen image files do - every step of the way if fought me...resisted me...taunted me. It simply did not want to be posted. But that's why it was sent to me in the first be posted on Coaxial....and I wasn't going to go down that easily.

Actually, I gave up rather quickly - sending this little bundle o' despair to our crack team of AICN techheads. It beat them, too. This file has, literally, been all over the globe in our effort to circumvent it's wicked, wicked properties. It took weeks!

FINALLY, a woman with balls of steel (ummm...maybe nerves of steel?) simply refused to give up. I'm more inclined to think she just got lucky - but to quote The Color of Money: "For some, luck is an art."

So, without further delay, the World Premiere of the artwork TNT will use to advertise the Babylon 5 spin-off series Crusade in various printed media. The process of beating the file to submission resulted in some slight color imbalance (for example: the evening sky is actually somewhat turquoise on the source image), but this is a surprisingly good representation of the promotional artwork considering all the difficulties we had.

This is a COAXIAL EXCLUSIVE. It's cool with me if you wanna reproduce it elsewhere (on other sites, for example), but please credit myself (Glen Oliver) or this site (Aint It Cool News)when doing so...

No, I don't know why these characters are referred to as "Rangers" on this artwork when they are not Rangers (in the B5 sense) in the series...

Matters Miscellaneous

** For those who have been asking about Babylon 5 being removed from TNT's broadcast line-up in early May, YES - it's happening. I am told The Powers That Be at TNT are removing the program from TNT's schedule while they try to find a better place to schedule the show, and that B5 is expected to return at a later date.


** Babylon 5's closing episode ("Sleeping in Light") has been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. This would be a much more notable triumph, 'cept for the same people who nominated "Sleeping in Light" chose to nominate the excessively lame Star Trek: Insurrection as well, and with a thought process like that...

** Sonic Images will be releasing Christopher Franke's nutty (but cool) score for the TNT TV movie Babylon 5: River of Souls in late May (on or 'round the 18th, I believe).

** Finally, if anyone has the information about B5 & "The Bradbury Award", please post it on the Talkbacks below - as I seem to have misplaced it at the moment.

Here are the oft-requested links for the primary Save CRUSADE sites - dedicated to keeping the series on the air after it expires its initial 13 episode run on TNT!

Crusade - The Quest for Life

Crusade for Crusade


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