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Is McT Directing The New CONAN?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. And no, I don’t mean McG. He’s got his hands full with the TERMINATOR franchise, and I wish him well with it. It’s not going to be easy. Mostow just barely pulled it off without shitting the bed, and even so, I think T3 is a pale imitation of the first two films. Nope, what I meant was that it looks like none other than John McTiernan, director of DIE HARD and THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, at one point one of the most powerful action directors in Hollywood, may well be the director who was tapped to helm Nu Image’s reboot of CONAN. Here’s the thing. McT ain’t what he used to be. Yes, he directed DIE HARD and THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. He also directed MEDICINE MAN and ROLLERBALL. And last I heard, wasn’t he staring down the barrel of some jail time? No matter... a rumor’s a rumor, and today, this is the rumor:
Hello Harry, French magazine and online magazine Mad Movies has a scoop for the new Conan trilogy from Nu Image. An insider from Nu Image is saying John McTiernan is first on their wishlist for directing and Gerard Butler might star in this new adaptation. Here’s the link to the article for you to read! I am alexxxluthor.

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