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Scorsese Films Hitchcock (Sorta...)!!

Merrick here...
I'm usually not much for advertising advertising campaigns, but this one's pretty cool. It deals with two filmmakers of imminent interest to Geeks far and wide, so I thought it was worthy of note. If I understand correctly, this is part of an ad campaign how Martin Scorsese would direct a script fragment of an unmade Alfred Hitchcock film. Scorsese actually appears on-screen in a mini-docu(mocku?)mentary, and helmed the Hitchcock homage as well. To me, at least, this is made even niftier given that I spent the whole weekend binging on Hitchcock films via HD Movie channel's marathon (PSYCHO looks soooo damn good...) If you HDTV lovers out there get a chance to check out the films that are currently in circulation...they're highly recommended.


...or, you can watch this lesser-quality YouTube version!

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