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Want To Hear A Really Groovy Marvel Rumor?

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. This is interesting, and it plays into something we’ve been saying for a little while here at AICN. We broke the story earlier this year that Sam Jackson will appear in IRON MAN as Nick Fury. I heard from a completely different source that there might be a similar scene in THE INCREDIBLE HULK, something that was added late in the process. Could it be that Marvel’s going to set up their eventual AVENGERS movie by connecting all these movies up via one character who approaches each of these heroes separately? I’m not sure there really is a second Nick Fury appearance. But when I got this e-mail (edited a bit to protect the spy) today, it made me wonder anew... just how closely related are these worlds all going to be? I like this possible way of doing it far more than Warner’s proposed out-of-continuity JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Anyway... check this out, grain of salt included unless we can verify it soon:
There are some fuzzy politics going on with the Iron Man and Hulk movies - they're shooting a scene TOGETHER! The trouble is, I can't tell if its an Iron Man scene with the Hulk in in or a Hulk scene with IRON MAN in it, more interestingly, it's possible that the SAME SCENE or some variation of it might be in BOTH movies lending to the comic book / single universe, many heroes idea seen in the past - uber cool. If you use this, call me The Adamantium Doom Machine

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