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Harry has seen the Wachowski's SPEED RACER trailer!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... just left the Highland Galaxy Theater where I watched THE GOLDEN COMPASS in digital perfection... and saw two trailers. The first was SEX AND THE CITY - which really doesn't seem like a theatrical porn film, like it should. And secondly... the Wachowski's SPEED RACER trailer. I predict that there will be two reactions to this trailer. There's mine... which is HOLY FUCKING AWESOME DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE COATED PUSSY JUICE... and then there's going to be the, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" reaction. After BOUND, THE MATRIX trilogy and their producing work on V FOR VENDETTA - you think you have the Wachowski's figured out? Think again. This is an eye-popping anime inspired whacked way the fuck out of control world. That wild anime twirling universe characters unleashed feeling? It's there. This film isn't taking place in a world that looks anything even close to resembling reality. This is a quasi-toon universe where physics and the very nature of optics themselves are put in a shroom/lsd whirlpool of whatdafuck. It's Crrrrr AZEEEEEEE! My mind is left on a futuristic tarmac by the Mach 5's skidmarks and the simple joy of Chim Chim pointing at Sparky in a trunk of a car. This film is not set in some dystopian universe, they did not make a gritty universe... They have take characters and placed them firmly within an anime universe and I don't know if the world will flip or shit over it. BUT HOLY FUCK - I'm racing!

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