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A Plan to Save Dan Vasser On A JOURNEYMAN-Free Monday!!

I am – Hercules!! Dennis over at conveys this idea:
Hey Harry and Hercules, Television Without Pity and us over at Groundlings-Review have come up with a plan to try to send a message to NBC that there is a large audience for Journeyman. The plan is on this Monday, December 3rd, to download the episode "Blowback" from iTunes and to watch as many episodes of Journeyman as possible on The hope is that if we can cause enough of a spike in their stats, that might make an impression that there is a large audience for this great show. The reason we've chosen Monday is because Life is showing in Journeyman's place on that day so we thought it would be a good time to send a message. link! Thanks!
Remember that the last three completed episodes of “Journeyman” will be aired over a 10-day period starting next Monday: 1.11 Monday, Dec. 10 1.12 Monday, Dec. 17 1.13 Wednesday, Dec. 19 That final episode brings back tachyon expert Elliot Langley and possibly introduces a third time-hopper. NBC has details:
1.11 Monday, Dec. 10 “Home By Another Way” HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS-JOHN ANISTON ("Days of Our Lives") GUEST STARS--Layoffs hit Dan's (Kevin McKidd) office on Christmas eve and he is forced to travel back in time to save the newspaper. At home, Katie (Gretchen Egolf) trys to enjoy the holidays but struggles to get her traumatizing experience out of her head. While Dan is traveling he discovers a new secret about Livia (Moon Bloodgood). Meanwhile, Jack (Reed Diamond) and Theresa get some unexpected news. Brian Howe and Charles Henry Wyson also star.
1.12 Monday, Dec. 17 “The Hanged Man” A PSYCHIC REVEALS WHAT DAN IS SEARCHING FOR-MELINDA MCGRAW ('THE WEST WING') GUEST STARS --Dan's (Kevin McKidd) travels take him into an RV hanging off of a cliff just in time to try and save a mother and son. Katie's (Gretchen Egolf) sister (guest star Melinda McGraw) comes to visit and suspects Dan needs help. When he returns home, Dan frantically searches for Zack (Charles Henry Wyson) and realizes how big the consequences can be when he accidentally leaves things in the past. Moon Bloodgood, Reed Diamond, and Brian Howe also star.
1.13 Wednesday, Dec. 19 “Perfidia” A LOVE TO LAST A LIFETIME- MANY QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED IN THIS SPECIAL EPISODE--DON MCMANUS ('BOSTON LEGAL') GUEST STARS-- Dan (Kevin McKidd) travels a few months into the past to discover a man named Evan (guest star Don McManus) who claims he too is a time traveler. Livia (Moon Bloodgood) travels to the present right before her wedding in the past is supposed to take place. Evan figures out how to prove to Dan that he is a traveler and Dan agrees to help reunite him with his past love. At home, Katie (Gretchen Egolf) panics when she returns to see blood on the floor and discovers Dan missing again. Meanwhile, Jack tries to question Elliot Langley about time travel. Brian Howe and Charles Henry Wyson also star.

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