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What? Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT in 3-D shot in 2009? Is this rumor true?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. We've been getting tons of email about this story that appeared on a blog called marketsaw and then spread like wild-fire through the rumor sites. They say that a trusted source claims that Peter Jackson and New Line have made a truce and are they are all moving on doing THE HOBBIT, shot in 3-D, beginning in 2009. They also say that it would be a two-part film (as Jackson revealed he wanted to do in our interview last year). While an exciting thought, it didn't seem to fit with what we've heard about Jackson's schedule (and his tussle with New Line). From what I gather, doing TINTIN with Spielberg is going to be a high priority and LOVELY BONES won't be finished until 2009. So, I contacted Jackson's camp and got a resounding "not true" from them about the rumors. The word is that Peter is "keen" on 3-D, but nothing has been settled yet on the New Line front. Bummer that we won't get a 2-Part HOBBIT series from Peter Jackson (yet), but now you know and as GI Joe would tell ya'... that's half the battle!

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