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Wonder Woman is 100% going to be...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. There have been many names associated with the role of Wonder Woman in George Miller's Justice League flick. One of those names has been chosen and a spy known as The 9th Complex sent in word that Australian Who Magazine claims they know who it is. They say it's this girl:

That's Megan Gale, an Australian Supermodel... And I'm here to say that I've had multiple independent sources within Warner Bros and unnamed agencies confirm this casting. That is Wonder Woman and I think it's a pretty great choice, aesthetically speaking. And doing a quick google search got me some more pretty pics:

And even some pics I shouldn't post here because they're Not Safe For Work... cough-cough. She definitely looks like a Goddess... let's hope the acting talent matches the beauty. Thoughts?

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