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NBC To Air The Last Completed JOURNEYMAN Episode After All!!

I am – Hercules!! This just in from “Journeyman” mastermind Kevin Falls:
Journeyman Fans-- NBC has decided to air the 12th episode ("Perfidia") on Wednesday, December 19th at ten o'clock. That means our 10th episode will air on Monday the 10th ("Home by Another Way"), the 11th will air on 17th ("The Hanged Man"). The decision to air the 12th episode had a lot to do with the passion of our fans through, the online petition and letters and emails to NBC executives. And is it true you can vote once a day for the People's Choice Awards? There's still no news on our long term future, but we can promise you this: three terrific episodes inside of ten days. Oh, yeah, and you'll get some answers, too. Your comments and pro-active attempts to save the show are very much appreciated by me and my fellow Executive Producer Alex Graves, Kevin McKidd and the cast, writers and crew. But more importantly, it's working. But don't rest. We need you. We want a back nine--and beyond. Thanks again, Kevin Falls
NBC is paying attention! Hopefully this bodes well for NBC picking up "Journeyman" for a full season (WGA permitting)!

That works out to $32.20 Per Season!! The extras-crammed Definitive Editions!! Individual seasons cost $69.99 New; $50 used!! They were going for close to $100/season not too long ago!

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