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Scorsese's SHUTTER ISLAND moves forward!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Of the seemingly 407 projects Martin Scorsese has on his plate, I've loved the sound of this one the most, so I'm glad SHUTTER ISLAND is the project with the most movement. As with most of the projects Scorsese is involved with, Leonardo DiCaprio is attached as one of the leads. The other lead role is looking to be filled by Mark Ruffalo who is in final final negotiations to join the project, according to Hollywood Reporter.

SHUTTER ISLAND is based on a book by Dennis Lehane (original author of MYSTIC RIVER) and is set in the '50s. Two US Marshals (DiCaprio and Ruffalo) go to an island near Boston to investigate the disappearance of a mental patient. While on the island a pretty fucked up mystery is uncovered just in time for a giant Hurricane to hit, inciting a riot in the mental institution and trapping everybody on the island. Sounds great, huh? I'm gonna pick up this book ASAP.

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