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A Mammoth Amount Of BTS Footage From John Woo's RED CLIFF!! It Could Be Super-Gargantuan & Cool!!

Merrick here...
CCTV has posted a buttload of behind-the-scenes material from John Woo's RED CLIFF. HERE is a Wiki entry which summaries the historical battle on which this film is based. If the movie faithfully captures the scale of the warfare, it could be HUGE (land battles, ocean battles, etc.) You can also find some nice photos from the project HERE. You can click HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE to see the behind-the-scenes footage. It's in Chinese, and totals 150 minutes of coverage (which is close to the amount of time ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT devotes to DANCING WITH THE STARS in a given week). These videos come to us via the CCTV, the state TV network in China. I just read an interesting article about CCTV's new headquarters - it's architecturally unique in many regards & is already under construction. Here's some concept art from it; looks like it belongs in LOGAN'S RUN.

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