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Disney's BOLT (formerly AMERICAN DOG) gets 3-D treatment!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Fresh off the success of Paramount/Dreamworks' BEOWULF, Disney has announced more plans to release flicks in 3-D. BOLT (the new title of AMERICAN DOG) will hit digital 3-D and 2-D screens this time next year, being the heavyweight Thanksgiving title. They also say that Tim Burton's next two flicks will be with them (ALICE IN WONDERLAND and FRANKENWEENIE) will get the super digital 3-D treatment as well. 3-D is fun and the technology is evolving rapidly. I don't think 3-D will become the next step of filmmaking and film releasing until they can come up with the technology to widely distribute 3-D without glasses... Until people can just walk in, sit down and watch with their own eye-balls I have a feeling this kind of thing will still feel like a gimmick and not the next step forward. Thoughts? PS - The poster for this flick has leaked out on Check it out below!

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