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Quint's 2007 Holiday Shopping Guide, Part 3! Music, Collectibles, Art and Rich Stuff!!!



CHEAP ($24.99 and under)

Remember when I listed ONCE on the DVD section of this guide? How I said you'd score tons of points by getting your girlfriend or wife that DVD? Well, after you hook her with the movie, you need to follow up with the soundtrack. You're one smooth criminal if you get the double whammy on. A cheap $7.99 at Amazon.
MODERATE ($25.00-$70.99)

Really make your geek friends/family happy with year by giving them EVERY SINGLE NOTE EVER RECORDED for LORD OF THE RINGS. The Return of the King Complete Recordings are new, coming in at $69.99. The two previous Complete Recordings are considerably cheaper: $37.99 for THE TWO TOWERS and $29.99 for FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. All three for a little over $130. Not bad.

Speaking of Complete Recordings, this bad-boy just hit. It's a 2-disc CD that brings every single bit of Jerry Goldsmith's scoring for the original ALIEN. How sweet is that? Cheapest I found it is as a Yahoo sales page for $29.99.


CHEAP ($24.99 and under)

I wanted to find something cool to fit in the "Cheap" section, but with this part of the Guide it's a bit tough to find something cool that fits that price... However, I really dug this zombie ornament from Sideshow. $9.99 and it's yours. Nothing says Christmas like a rotting corpse hanging in your tree.
MODERATE ($25.00-$70.99)

Speaking of rotting corpses, here's a badass bust of Spider-Man from Marvel Zombies. Get the undead wallcrawler for $59.99. He ships this month!

Copperbones! Now you can be an official Goonie. All you need is a hot redhead, an Asian friend who invents silly items, a fat friend who can dance for you and a mongoloid that likes chocolate... $39.99 gets you the Copperbones replica. I picked one up at Comic-Con myself and it comes with a high recommendation.

Das Boot! This one's a great gift for your frat buddies... or midlife crisis buddies. If ya' dug Beerfest, you can get a replica of Das Boot and challenge some Germans to a chugging contest. $70, shipping included, from Broken Lizard's site.
EXPENSIVE ($71.00-$499.99)

Gentle Giant make some great Star Wars collectibles, but this is my favorite of their available crop. "What is thy bidding, my master?" With light-up base, no less and only $200.

Nice! I love this piece. Who doesn't want a 20" long Hunter Killer from Terminator 2? Especially since it lights up, looking for those damn flesh creatures.$399 from Sideshow.

Check out this awesome import model kit, from Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH. The Pale Man is my favorite creature from that flick, so I'm sure you'll understand my happiness at finding this model. I suck at making these things, though, so I'll have to observe from afar. 99 pounds unpainted and 149.99 pounds painted.

And here's a great Kotobukiya statue recreation of McQuarrie's famous pre-production sketch of Luke fighting Vader. I've always loved this piece of art and it's really sweet to see it brought out in three dimensions. $200.

This is so up my alley that it almost passes all the way through and comes out the other side. Goddamn that's sweet. I want it so bad... $399.00 at MonstersInMotion.

Alien Queen bust from Sideshow... 1/4 scale, almost 2 feet tall. A thing of beauty... It was $945 yesterday and right now it's almost $200 off, sitting at $756.

This is perhaps the single coolest thing on this guide. Full Scale David Werewolf from AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. It's hugely expensive, at $5500 from MonstersInMotion. He's 8 feet long, from front paws to hind legs. Beware the moon.


CHEAP ($24.99 and under)

Crazy 4 Cult is a pop art gallery that celebrates movies. I have a couple limited edition (translation: expensive) prints from the show below, but I thought I'd offer the show poster, done by artist Chris Lee. It's available for only $15.00 and has enough geeky references to make any AICN reader smile a bit.
EXPENSIVE ($71.00-$499.99)

Here are 2 prints from the Cult Show this year. Up first is a signed and numbered print of Marla Singer from FIGHT CLUB, going for $150. Click on the link and then go to Los Angeles, then scroll down to prints. The second print is...

It's a bizarre take on David Lynch's BLUE VELVET. This is also signed and numbered, but only $100.

Last year I included a batch of Willis O'Brien prints from the original 1933 King Kong. This year, the same group has a gorgeous print, production art from 20,000 MILES TO EARTH autographed by the man, the myth, the legend himself... Mr. Ray Harryhausen. It's expensive at $450.00, but you pay for quality on this one. I love Ymir...

Here is the Halloween Tree, a limited print signed by another brilliant Ray... This one being Ray Bradbury. It's considerably less expensive than the Harryhausen piece at $275.00, but for any geek worth their salt, having anything autographed by Ray Bradbury would be a prized possession.

Of all the art, the best value combined with super high geek points is the above, a detailed replica of the map from Time Bandits. And a steal at $100.00.


I have two items for you guys to finish out the column. I always end with some goddamn ridiculous stuff... and this year is no exception.

You ever been to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museums? Well, if you thought it was cool seeing Sam Jackson standing next to Teddy Roosevelt and went, "I wish I could be made completely of wax," well now's your chance. You only need to click on the above picture and pony up 150,000 pounds... roughly $300,000 and you build an idol of yourself to worship at your leisure.

Surprisingly, this is vastly more affordable. If you ever wanted to feel what it's like to be either Buzz Alderan or Superman, look no further. Zero Gravity Flights depart out of Las Vegas and the Kennedy Space Center. The entire experience is $3675 (including taxes). Tempting isn't it? That's a lot of money, but it's not as crazy as you'd think, huh?

Oh my God... is that it? This Guide gets bigger and bigger every year. Thanks so much for sticking with me through it all. I think I'm going to go collapse in a corner somewhere and let my fingers heal up... or I'll be up in 5 hours getting my portion of the big Thanksgiving meal prepared (I make awesome mashed potatoes). Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! -Quint

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