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Bruce Wayne is John Connor!!!

Hey folk Harry here. Just got off the phone with an extremely trusted source who has never been wrong before. he revealed exclusively to AICN that in the upcoming McG reboot, TERMINATOR SALVATION: The Future Begins, that they have cast CHRISTIAN BALE as none other than JOHN CONNOR. you folks know what that means... THIS IS GOING TO KICK ASS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here again... The above was posted by AICN's Behind-The-Scenes God, RoRo - as Time-Warner knocked out my internet this morning in a widespread pre-emptive strike to attempt to silence the news that Bruce Wayne was John Connor... But I want y'all to think about this for a second. McG has done more than just CHARLIE'S ANGELS - his film WE ARE MARSHALL was a very solid and tonally realistic film. Personally - I love what McG did with CHARLIE'S ANGELS - it was fun, kinetic and exactly what that version of CHARLIE'S ANGELS should be. Then there's the fact that he cast the T-1000 in WE ARE MARSHALL - which means, probably, he's a fan of T2 - or just has the coolness to just recognize that Robert Patrick is the shit. Either way - He's managed to cast Christian Bale in TERMINATOR SALVATION - and that's pretty huge. We know Bale takes his shit seriously. And if you saw 3:10 TO YUMA... just imagine him coming out of his mountain and beginning the process of taking out SKYNET. With Bale as Connor - that means that we have a great chance that McG is pulling a chair up and will deliver. It all depends on that script... it is obvious we're dealing now with an adult, GREAT MILITARY LEADER storyline ... How he got the remnants of civilization together, trained them, armed them and began a guerilla war that eventually, we hope, brings down SKYNET. I for one am anxious as hell to see this done right. Let's hope.

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