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John Singleton Goes Sci Fi!! Get Ready For EXECUTIVE ORDER: SIX!!

Merrick here...
I've a feeling we may have posted something about this on AICN already, but our search engine is embarrassingly, shamefully shitty so I can't look backward to be sure. Apologies if this is repeat news. With that caveat... John Singleton is heading towards EXECUTIVE ORDER: SIX. The project...
follows the residents of a small, snowbound town, who band together to fight a mysterious horror that turns out to be an alien being unleashed by a plane crash.
...says THIS ARTICLE in Variety. So, it's sorta like 30 DAYS OF NIGHT with aliens? Or...THE THING? The project is being scripted by Philip Eisner, who wrote EVENT HORIZON and the forthcoming MUTANT CHRONICLES. EVENT HORIZON was the only Paul W.S. Anderson movie I could begin to stomach (although it sure is imperfect). EXECUTIVE ORDER: SIX. Kinda like that title, something funky and retro about it in some way. Could be interesting.

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