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Watch Tonight!! JOURNEYMAN Teeters On The NBC Abyss!!

I am – Hercules!! A source deep inside NBC Universal says the network has stopped promoting what I regard as one of fall’s best new shows, “Journeyman,” and will cancel it unless the two-parter airing tonight and next Monday brings big numbers. The source, a big proponent of the show, describes the two-parter as “super-dark and twisted.” The show has five new episodes to air, including tonight’s. Whether NBC actually airs them is in question. Our source says these final five episodes will tell us great deal more about how and, more importantly, why Dan (from 2007) and Livia (from 1948) are being slung through time. NBC says of the two-parter:
"EMILY" 11/19/2007 KIDNAPPING SOLVED-PART ONE OF SPECIAL TWO PART SERIES- RAPHAEL SBARGE ("24") GUEST STARS --Dan (Kevin McKidd) travels back to the early 90's where he seems to be tracking a serial kidnapper (guest star Raphael Sbarge). Katie (Gretchen Egolf) wonders what effects Dan's disappearances are having on Zack (Charles Henry Wyson) when she is called into his school. Meanwhile, Jack (Reed Diamond) remains skeptical, but begins to see evidence that Dan might be telling the truth about his travels. Moon Bloodgood and Brian Howe also star.
"BLOWBACK" 11/26/2007 WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND-EXCITING CONCLUSION OF TWO PART SERIES- RAPHAEL SBARGE ("24") GUEST STARS—The dangerous kidnapper Aeden Bennett (guest star Raphael Sbarge) is back and Dan (Kevin McKidd) learns a difficult lesson about what happens when he goes off mission. Dan travels back to 1983 and discovers a young criminal in the making. Livia (Moon Bloodgood) continues to uncover secrets about her purpose in life. Meanwhile, Katie gets into a deadly predicament when the kidnapper seeks revenge. Reed Diamond, Brian Howe and Charles Henry Wyson also star.
10 p.m. Monday. NBC.

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