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Michael Cera Hosted
Last Night’s SNL!!

I am – Hercules!!
Michael Cera hosted. Yo La Tengo was the musical guest. Horatio Sanz and Rachel Dratch returned alongside Kristen Wiig, Darrell Hammond, Seth Myers, Amy Poehler, Kenan Thompson, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte for super-dirty sketches written by the SNL writers. It was broadcast nowhere. Proceeds from the live event went to support “Saturday Night Live” crew members laid off due to the 2-week-old writers strike. Read the New York Times’ story on the event here! See photography recording the event here!

$14.99 Per Season!! 75% OFF!! SMALLVILLE: SEASONS ONE THROUGH FIVE!! The Pre-Black Friday Warner Bros. TV Sale!! $14.99 Smallville 1.x-5.x (75% OFF!!) $14.99 Veronica Mars 1.x-2.x (75% OFF!!) $14.99 The West Wing 2.x/4.x/5.x (75% OFF!!) $19.99 Carnivale 1.x (67% OFF!!) $19.99 ER 6.x 7.x (60% OFF!!) $19.99 From The Earth To The Moon (67% OFF!!) $19.99 Six Feet Under q.x-3.x (65% OFF!!) $23.99 Carnivale 2.x (60% OFF!!) $23.99 Gilmore Girls 1.x-6.x (60% OFF!!) $23.99 Six Feet Under 4.x-5.x (60% OFF!!) $99.49 Oz: The Complete Series (58% OFF!!)

That works out to $33.60 Per Season!! The extras-crammed Definitive Editions!! Individual seasons cost $69.99 New; $50 used!! They were going for close to $100/season not too long ago!
(The discount presumably celebrates the release of the “Twilight Zone” movie in HD, so don’t expect it to last ...)

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