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Justice League cast to be announced next week, here might be an early preview...

Hey folks, Harry here... Warner/DC is being incredibly tight lipped about this JUSTICE LEAGUE film, but we've been hearing from all over that next week they're going to unleash the full cast on us. Well, got this email wanting to give us a drop on some of the casting? Can't get anyone at Warners to spill - but take it as you will... I actually think this makes sense and Common could be exceptional casting as the Green Lantern... and I can't believe I think that.

Harry/Mori/Merrick/Quint/Vern (who am I forgetting?) I want you to have this before that OTHER site gets it... and I know they will. The trades are going to announce the cast of Justice League next week, but courtesy someone connected to Ken Ralston I can tell you four confirmed names. - Adam Brody (THE O.C., GILMORE GIRLS, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING) - Common (SMOKIN' ACES, WANTED) - Scott Porter (SPEED RACER 'Rex Racer', FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS tv show, DESCENT, MUSIC AND LYRICS) - Teresa Palmer (WOLF CREEK, THE GRUDGE 2, DECEMBER BOYS) Palmer is not Wonder Woman, I believe she's a villain. Brody is Wally West. Common is The Green Lantern. Porter, they think, is Superman. There's also word that Michael Gough might be appearing as Alfred. The full cast should be revealed by this time next week.
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