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Hulk Bang Portman & Johansson!! THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL Trailer Is Now Online!!

Merrick here...
A trailer for THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL has shown up online. This may be old news (I actually don't know how long this material has been available), but I haven't seen the trailer making the rounds too prominently so I thought I'd pass it along...just in case. THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL stars Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana, and Kristin Scott Thomas in a movie based on Philippa Gregory's novel. It's directed by Justin Chadwick (MASTERPIECE THEATER's "Bleak House"). It's about the Boleyn sisters (Portman & Johansson) making a grab for King Henry VIII (Bana). If I were Henry's bud, I'd say "Whoa...bag 'em both, dude!"


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