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UPDATED!! Friday Fan Day For All Shows?? More Fan Support For Writers!!

I am – Hercules!! Thousands of “Battlestar Galactica” fans, hopefully some in Cylon suits, will converge this Friday outside the Universal Studios lot in Los Angeles in support of the striking writers. (A lot of those fans are in town for this weekend’s “Galactica” convention in neighboring Burbank.) All fans of the show and of shows in general are encouraged to don red shirts and join the protest. (Look for me among the throng, again sporting an “Incredibles” t-shirt, my one piece of red clothing.) I attended Friday’s rally, which attracted a staggering army of picketers that shut down the Avenue of the Stars in front of Fox HQ (a.k.a. the Nakatomi Building from “Die Hard”). Monday morning, strikers got to see in the Los Angeles skies a pro-WGA airplane banner bought by “CSI” fans. A “Buffy Day” (date TBA) is reportedly in the works that will bring fans of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” to the picket lines. Read all of TVWeek’s story on fan support for the writers here. UPDATE! Untested source and WGA member "Strike Captain" tells us:
The "announcement" of Galactic Day this Friday at Universal was essentially wrong - the WGA is PLANNING to make this Friday, November 16th a Fan Day for ALL shows and should be announcing that very soon. The reports/rumors that say that BSG fans would be coming out in the thousands was an exaggeration on someone's part - we obvioiusly hope that as many fans can join us as possible and understand & appreciate that their are a lot of fans anxious to support our show & others in any way possible but no one has any expectations remotely close to that (as great as that would be).

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