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Yet Another Dishy Female STAR TREK Cast Member Is In The House!!

I am – Hercules!! J.J. Abrams has confirmed that Jennifer Morrison, who plays the title character’s medical protégé on “House,” is in Abrams’ new “Star Trek” movie. "She is indeed in the movie," Abrams tells TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, "and she is most excellent!" Abrams denies Morrison is playing Janice Rand in the feature. So who then? Perhaps Carol Marcus, who would bear Kirk a son and a shiny Spock-resurrecting terraforming machine? Perhaps Janice Lester, who had a Starfleet Academy romance with Kirk long before she took over his body? Speaking of “Trek” casting news (and resurrections), William Shatner continues to deny that he has been offered any role in the Abrams “Trek” film, but Shatner did confirm to Howard Stern late last week that Abrams came to the “Boston Legal” set twice to talk about Abrams’ “Trek” movie -- long before Paramount announced Abrams as the project’s director. Read all of Ausiello's story on Morrison's "Trek" casting here.

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