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Stallone to star opposite Leonardo DiCaprio for MARTIN SCORSESE's SHUTTER ISLAND? NOT

Harry here... the story below got forwarded to me by AB KING - who had in turn been sent it. The story was an alleged screengrab of a YAHOO story that claimed to be sourcing a HOLLYWOOD REPORTER story. Upon further review - I can't find any such story on Yahoo or Hollywood Reporter - so at this point I'd say... tis a hoax.

Hey folks, Harry here... This frickin' rocks if it comes to pass. Apparently Martin Scorsese has offered the co-starring role in his upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio mystery-thriller SHUTTER ISLAND! He'd be playing a character named Chuck Aule. Stallone apparently hasn't officially accepted the role yet, but let's pray he does. I think it could be fascinating - those of us that are fans of Stallone know that there is a great actor there - and in the hands of Scorsese - I'm hopeful we'll see something truly remarkable in Sly's career!

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