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See Really Teeny Glimpses Of JJ's Starfleet Uniforms!! STAR TREK Is Up & Running!!

Merrick here...
The folks over at IESB have spy photos from JJ Abrams' STAR TREK, which went before cameras a few days ago. Before you get too excited, the images aren't terribly revealing - but they do offer a few hints as to the aesthetic direction the film may be headed (check out the collar lines and uniform boots, for example). And, also evident is Starfleet's departmental color scheme:
Paramount is making an effort not to show off the costumes as you can tell by the images below. All of the “extras” are required to wear long black trench coats to cover the costumes but even then a few details were still revealed. If you look closely you will see some of the colors of the costumes. The colors visible are blue, red, dark green and white. Some one of the costumes’ cuff areas had a yellow or gold band around it. From what we can see they are somewhat reminiscent of the original costumes, at least the colors, just not so bright.
...says the article, which can be found HERE! Word is the "look" of the film will be strongly suggestive of the original series - i.e. a "modernized retro" approach. It's hard to tell for sure, but these glimpses of uniforms seems to bear out this approach.

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