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Rodriguez isn't raising the head of Medusa!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. There are rumors circling the net this morning that Robert Rodriguez will helm the CLASH OF THE TITANS remake. This isn't a new rumor, but the guys at LatinoReview got some intelligence that say he's a lock. I was able to get in touch with Rodriguez directly and he confirmed that he was indeed looking seriously at it (thanks to a great script by RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK/EMPIRE STRIKES BACK's Lawrence Kasdan), but had to bow out because they wanted it to go pre-strike and Rodriguez has his own flicks he wants to move on before the actor's strike, so he picked his own projects. That's the latest news on the flick. Rodriguez isn't the first person to tell me Kasdan's draft is pretty great. I'd love to read it myself. I'm not immediately on-board with remaking CLASH OF THE TITANS, but I am totally down to see some good creature features and Harryhausen-esque fantasy on the big screen again. Thoughts?

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