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Monki talks with Nerdcore's co-creator Jon Gibson! NSFW Hot Naked Superheros and a Reminder about The Wizard!

Greetings humans, Monki here with a brief talk I had with Jon Gibson, co-creator of the Nerdcore calendar. This is the second Nerdcore calendar, with last year's being video game themed. This year's hot topic is Heros and Villains...loads of fun.

Nerdcore is the main sponsor of The Wizard reunion screening on December 7th as well, so you'll get your chance to meet the man behind it all and buy your own copy of the 2008 edition! Oh yeah, but buy your Wizard tickets when they go on sale today at noon!!

I'll get out of your way so you can enjoy the interview and pics! Oh, the linked pics are if you want to see the badass firestarter in all her glory, you'll have to click through. Enjoy!

Monki: What prompted the choice to go with superheroes for this year's edition of Nerdcore?

Jon Gibson: Well, we're nerds here at Nerdcore - superheroes are our lifeblood. That's the easy answer.

But, you know, it's also about defying expectations. Everyone seemed to think that we were just going to another pinup-style calendar with more retro 80's videogames. Hell, where's the challenge in that? Nerdcore was founded on a principle of never doing things that are TOO easy. That said, the 2008 calendar was really, REALLY FUCKING difficult to produce.

We nearly set a garage on fire, almost buried two production assistants under a pile of very heavy drywall, and found ourselves running away from sketchy vagrants in the abandoned train yards in downtown L.A. Aside from that - yeah, it was a breeze. There was also several incidents of ordering far too much stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. You can only eat so much of that shit.

Monki: Where there any surprises you encountered after the first edition of Nerdcore?

Jon Gibson: Yeah, that it was more popular than we could have ever imagined. We went into a second printing - which is rare for any kind of publication, let alone a calendar - and that's exactly why we wanted to give the fans of the original Nerdcore a reason to come back. There's nothing like a nude lady on fire to get your blood pumpin', right?

The original Nerdcore calendar started like all the best ideas - two guys sitting around playing videogames, watching 80's action movies, getting drunk, and thinking, "You know what the world needs? Naked girls in an arcade." Once we refined the idea, the pitch became more eloquent - classy, nude portraits of women against a backdrop of classic coin-ops in the tradition of hot rod pinups of the 60s and 70s - but when you really break it down, its appeal is simple. No one can deny the allure of a beautiful, naked woman playing Ms. Pac-Man. Really, you can't. Impossible.

Monki: How many of your models were actually into the subject matter? Any gamer girls in front of the lens?

Jon Gibson: There were some gamers, for sure. One of the ladies even said, "When I play my Game Boy naked, I usually lay like this." That's November! But even better than last year, we found the geekiest model of all for 2008 - Justine Joli, a nerd goddess. During the extension shoot, she kept playing us tracks from her iPod. What was she playing, you ask? Why Ghost in the Shell themes. And what was she quoting while holding two blood katanas over a dead ninja? William Gibson's Neuromancer - that's what she was reciting lines from! If she's not the holiest of all hot, naked geeks, I don't know who is. Also, one of our other models is a pin-trader. I won't tell you who - but if you look up what that means on eBay, you'll understand that we spared no expense exhausting all resources to find the best and brightest dorks around... that also happened to be extremely attractive unclothed.

Monki: What is the next step for the Nerdcore line? Any chance of a book?

Jon Gibson: A book collecting images from the calendars is a few years off, BUT we do have some exciting plans for the near future. We'll be sponsoring a very sweet little event down in Austin, Texas reuniting the cast and crew of The Wizard, the definitive gaming movie of the 80s. That's right, star Fred Savage, director Todd Holland, and others convening at the Alamo Drafthouse for possibly of one the coolest nights ever conceived.

Oh, wait - Ain't It Cool is a sponsor, too. Shit!

Monki: What's next up your sleeve in the realm of art and videogames?

Jon Gibson: Well, Nerdcore WILL make a return to videogames sooner than later - but we're all about the celebration of geek culture, helping to broaden the horizons for nerds everywhere. That's why we're not just into games - we're about comics, movies, animation, music, technology, and everything in-between.

That last masked crusader is an AICN exclusive pic, by the way...pretty sweet!

Not only is the Nerdcore: Heroes/Villains calendar full of super-hot naked women, but it's also packed full of geeky release dates, Judgement Day, big conventions like Comic-con and PAX...and tons more. If you can't make it to the Wizard screening, they will be available online at

That'll just about do it...I remind you again...get your Wizard tickets! On sale today at Noon!! Alright, until next time, back up the tree I go!


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