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A Very Brief Reaction From A Test Screening Of WALL-E!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. My son is absolutely smitten with the WALL-E trailer. He imitates all of WALL-E’s moves, he can do the voice from the end of the trailer, and he now calls every toy robot in the house by the same name. I can’t wait until we can see this one together next year. I’m always of mixed minds about seeing a test screening of a Pixar film. On the one hand, I’d love to see WALL-E right now. On the other hand, that candy-coated finish to each of their films is part of what makes the Pixar movies such irresistible pop art. Still, I’m curious, and if anyone else was at this WALL-E screening, let us know what you thought, too...
Hey Moriarty, big fan of the site and everything you guys do. Just thought I'd pass on a little pre-preview of a movie coming out next year called "WALL-E". It stars a small trash-compacting robot, named, what else? Wall-E, he's a bit of a magpie and his invincible pet roach "Hal". It's set in the late 2700's where Corporate America, specifically a company called "Buy-N-Large" and it's global CEO Fred Willard, have taken over. But the pollution and amount of trash became a little too much to handle and turned the world into what I imagine certain parts of China to look like on a bad day. So everyone left hops aboard a cruise-ship style spaceliner circa 2080 and goes on a space-cation while Buy-N-Large stays behind to clean everything up. There's very little dialog throughout the movie as the main character(s) are service bots (mostly R2-D2esque beep-boops), but the use of physical comedy and body-language is done in a very fresh way that keeps you captivated throughout. It's all CGI as you've guessed by now, except for Fred Willard who makes some very brief but memorable live action appearances in video form standing in front of a pedestal with a Buy-N-Large presidential crest behind him. It's a very poignant look at the world and what one possible future could be, without being preachy or in-your-face about its message. And I gotta say the toy-line for this has definite potential. I went into this screening blind, no one knew what we were going to see, just that it was computer animated, and I gotta say pretty much everyone was pleasantly surprised. Only a couple people seemed disappointed but they were easy to spot as the exact people the movie were picking on. Hope this helps spread the word and the hype, and call me "Larry Talbot" if you print this. Keep up the good work and best of luck to everyone!

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