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Herc Has A Goth Talk With THE AMAZING RACE’s Kynt & Vyxsin!!

I am – Hercules!!

Home previously to nerds, hippies, a dwarf and an amputee, “The Amazing Race” is going Goth. Its 12th season, kicking off tonight, features Louisville, Ky., waiter/receptionists Kynt Cothron, 31, and Vyxsin Fiala, 29. Some excerpts from our email chat earlier this week: Did you greet Saturday Night Live’s “Goth Talk” sketches with love or disdain? Kynt: WE LOVED GOTH TALK!!! Contrary to popular misconception, Goth people actually have a wonderful sense of humor, especially concerning themselves. Vyxsin: There were so many moments in GOTH TALK that "struck close to home" if you know what I mean. Those sketches were absolutely hilarious. I particularly loved their uber-goth names [Azrael Abyss (Chris Kattan), Circe Nightshade (Molly Shannon) and Baron Nocturna (Will Ferrell) – Ed.] ......and how angry they got whenever their parents interrupted a taping of GOTH TALK. Kynt: I remember when my parents would come downstairs when I was hanging out with my friends, I'd get so upset lol. Vyxsin: WE love self-deprecating humor! Are the Louisville Goths wearing a lot of pink these days, or are the outfits just for TV? Vyxsin: Being goth doesn't mean that you have to wear "purely black" at all times. Really and truly, goth fashion is whatever YOU want to make it. The range of fabrics, materials, colors....the fluidity involved in this is why we like it so much. Some people like a more "romantic" goth look --- with lace and velvet ---- other prefer a "cyber" aesthetic --- with plastics, latex, synthetic dread falls. Kynt: I love pink. It makes me instantly 75% happier. Vyxsin: It's our lucky color for the Amazing Race! Kynt: Pink and black attack! Vyxsin: One of the readers posted on the board that we remind them of TEAM ROCKET from the Pokemon series...Blasting off at the Speed of Light! Kynt: Vyxsin's pet dog - Pika - is actually named after Pikachu. God I loved that cartoon.

Vxysin's MySpace page lists her as six feet tall, but in CBS' group photo you guys look smaller than the lesbian ministers. Is this season of "Amazing Race" a race of giants? Vyxsin: I'm actually 5'10, but i'm always wearing heels or platforms so i rounded things off at 6'0. As you can see in the Cast Photo, there really are several TALL contestants this season. Kynt: Yeah I felt short! Are you both from Louisville originally, or did you move there to bask in its teeming Goth culture? Kynt: I am originally from Louisivlle. It's a great town actually. The people are warm and friendly, I'm comfy here for the time being. Vyxsin: I moved here from Minneapolis about 5 years ago. The goth scene here is FUN, as well as the underground art and music scenes. We've tried to be a part of the local action. How many Goth hang-outs can there be in Kentucky? Kynt: While Louisville's goth scene can't compare to scenes in places like San Francisco, Seattle, or Berlin, it is quite active and vibrant! We have goth club nights, concerts, art shows, and more! Vyxsin: There are so many talented musicians involved in it. Our local DJ (and my personal hair-stylist) - DJ Kaleidoscope -- has gone from spinning weekly events in Louisville to DJing at national conventions and music festivals. Bands like the Revenants, False, Incursion, Empyrean Asunder, Absence of Faith, and the Passing Hour keep the local scene rocking. Kynt: We love music! I also enjoy the Cruxshadows, the Birthday Massacre, the Last Dance, and Voltaire. Is it safe to assume Kynt isn’t wearing as much make-up when he’s serving sirloins at the Texas Roadhouse? Kynt: Yeah at work I can't be gothed out. I'm make-up free at work, I wear an armadillo t-shirt and cowboy boots :>) Have you applied to "Amazing Race" or other reality shows in the past? Vyxsin: Applying for the show was Kynt's idea... I never would have thought of it. Obviously, I am glad that we did! We have both LOVED the Amazing Race for years. Kynt has been a fan since Season 1. Kynt: Yeah we saw the commercial on television for the casting, I think it was back around January. So we immediately filled out applications and made a video tape. Months later, we had actually forgotten all about it, and then all of a sudden the phone rang! We went through a gauntlet of interviews, and the rest is history. Vyxsin: We're really grateful that we were selected, it's been a dream come true. Kynt: I love the Race more than any other reality series on the air. Instead of a group of obnoxious people in a house gossiping and having meaningless drama, the Race takes teams (and viewers!) on a journey around the world! The show is so fast-paced, it's one of the few TV series that can hold my ADD-attention-span. On one hand, it's a typical reailty series, with the interpersonal challenges and conflicts...on the other hand, it's a lot like National Geographic. Every episode shows the viewer a different country --- it's scenery, landscapes, architecture, people, culture ---- this show is really a beautiful thing. You both seem highly attuned to the realm of geek. Do you regularly read Ain't It Cool? Which movie and/or TV franchises are you particularly obsessed with? Kynt: Yes I do read Ain't It Cool regularly. I stalked the website over the course of the past year, eagerly awaiting breaking news and trailers for Transformers the movie. I remember the "Optimus Prime has Lips" story. I went into that movie so excited. My gosh, could it have been any more disappointing? The special effects were unforgettable, truly cutting-edge, but the film itself was NOT a film about the Transformers. It was a movie about "a boy and his car".....and oh yeah, there HAPPEN to be these pesky robots. I felt like the focus of the movie was fundamentally skewed.....there was more emphasis on getting Sam Witwicky laid than developing the characters of the robots. It's funny, I saw the new Transformer DVD on store shelves the other day, the box cover features a HUGE masthead-style photo of the autobots, with a TINY pic of Sam and his friends at the bottom. But when you watch the film, the emphasis is reversed. People went to the movie to see a movie about TRANSFORMERS. Instead, we get a teen-drama about Sam, with the Transformers taking the proverbial back-seat. It was outright insulting that this film did not feature a rendition of the Transformers theme song (it was on the soundtrack but not in the film). I'm sadly not looking forward to the sequels at all. EPIC FAIL FAIL FAIL. Vyxsin: We LOVE to attend Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions whenever possible which should provide adequate Geek Credentials :) We love anime and the cosplay that it inspires. We especially enjoy Dragon*Con and the San Diego Comic Con. Kynt and I are HUGE fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, and Tim Burton films. I love and obsess the most over the Harry Potter books and movies. I actually purchased the latest Potter book at an airport during the Amazing Race. Kynt: I love movies with puppets! 80's fantasy! Vyxsin: Jim Henson's work was so incredible! God just don't get Kynt started on the Transformers movie, the venom toward it never ends. Kynt: I still love the cartoon Transformers film. And STAR WARS! I am curious about the forthcoming Star Wars TV SERIES. I love both trilogies, the original is better of course. Vyxsin: I'm still waiting for Lucasfilm to release special editions of those weird made-for-TV-Ewok-movies. What are your post-race aspirations? Vyxsin: Let's see, a long hot bubble bath, a manicure, some serious eyebrow waxing. Kynt: Besides creating ATHLETIGOTH --- our own line of gothic-athletic-apparel? ;o) Vyxsin: Yeah vinyl boots that you can jump-rope in would be hot. And a corset that doubles as a weight-lifting belt would go over really well. Kynt: We are just so grateful for this experience, being able to run the Amazing Race, if nothing further happens beyond this, we'll always cherish the opportunity to do this. We both love to travel, we are wandering souls....we roadtrip every chance that we get. The chance to embark on a literally world-wide "scavenger hunt" was just a blessing. Find Kynt’s MySpace page here. Meet all the amazing racers here. 8 p.m. Sunday. CBS.
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