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A new GOLDEN COMPASS trailer, with 100% more Christopher Lee, hits the net in Glorious Quicktime!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I have to say, I'm liking what I've seen of THE GOLDEN COMPASS. It's the first post LOTR big budget fantasy flick that doesn't look like it's aping LOTR's style and tone. And this new trailer is pretty great. You get Ian McKellan's voice coming out of a big bear, Christopher Lee in the flesh (albeit briefly... although I love him being cast as one of the "religious" heavies... I guess it's the THREE and FOUR MUSKETEERS, where he played Rochefort, fan in me) and tons of finished daemons. Thanks to "Squeevil" for the heads up! CLICK IT HERE FOR THE FINAL GOLDEN COMPASS TRAILER!!!

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