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The Knight Industries Three Thousand Finds Its Driver...

Merrick here...
His name is Justin Bruening, from ALL MY CHILDREN.

Surprisingly, a Hollywood Reporter article reveals a major spoiler for the TV movie/backdoor pilot. This is a spoiler which, despite my orgasmically spoiler-happy tendencies, I've avoided revealing thus far - as it's not terribly obvious through much of the script (which I reviewed a few weeks back - FIND IT HERE). But, since the cat's out of the bag...
Bruening will play the son of Michael Knight, the character played by David Hasselhoff in the original series.
...says THIS ARTICLE. In my previous piece, many Talkbackers conjectured this might be the case - they were correct. And, for Talkbackers who were saying the project sounded kind of intriguing...but they hoped Hasselhoff would be involved in some way... Michael Knight does show up in the script - in a cool, open ended sort of way. No word on whether Hasselhoff has been recruited for the role, or whether subsequent fine tuning dropped the appearance completely. Somehow I envisioned someone a little edgier looking, a bit more rugged in this role. The character, at least as presented in the draft I read, is a disillusioned ex Army Ranger, a struggling race car driver, and a lousy gambler. Brings to mind someone a little grittier than...well....Bruening. This said, and to be completely fair, I've never seen the guy act & know nothing of his potential. Maybe he grunges up real good?

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