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The Rock Says He’s In! Black Adam! SHAZAM!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Okay, I don’t know who got the scoop. Two people sent me independent video links where The Rock confirms he’s playing Black Adam, and pretty much at the same time. So I’ll just run them both, and you can click them both and you can see The Rock say it... twice!
Hi Harry, Quint, My name’s Tom Ragg, I run the Yahoo Movies site here in Australia. I’ve never actually met Latauro but we move in the same circles and I know some of the guys he does the show with :) I’m writing you to point you towards an interview I did with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson a few days ago for ‘The Game Plan’. I didn’t have long so I couldn’t ask too much, but I did manage to bring up Captain Marvel and he confirmed to me that he’ll be playing Black Adam / Teth Adam! I think he’s perfect for the role, and so does he… He mentioned afterwards they he truly believes it could be the role to finally make his star pop to the next level! Here’s the interview!
And now for one from a Stateside source:
Hi guys, After asking our viewers to weigh in on which role he should choose in the "Shazam" movie -- and after us receiving thousands of responses -- The Rock has weighed in, telling us that he's going with the fans' choice...Black Adam. Video and more here! Best, Brian

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