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New fantasy flick with an all star cast called LAUNDRY WARRIOR to shoot in New Zealand!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Now this isn't elves and dwarfs fantasy, which is probably a good thing since shooting that kind of Fantasy in New Zealand is always going to force LOTR comparisons. I'm not too sure this is a good title, but it's called LAUNDRY WARRIOR and it is to star Korean actor Jang Dong-gun as an Asian warrior who is hiding out in the American badlands. Joining him is Geoffrey Rush as a town drunk (so of course he is a retired warrior himself) and Kate Bosworth as a circus knife-thrower hellbent on revenge. Also involved is one of my favorite comedic actors, Tony Cox (BAD SANTA) and Thomas Hayden Church is in negotiations for an unspecified role. Sounds like a bizarre mix of CARNIVALE and ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA. Weta Digital will be doing the heavy lifting on the flick, to be done 300 style, apparently, so it'll be a stylized mostly digital flick. Guess that kind of nullifies the whole New Zealand/LOTR comparison problem. Speaking of LOTR, producer of that trilogy, Barrie Osborne, is producing this flick. New York Film School teacher Sngmoo Lee helms. Not entirely sure what to think about this one, but it's odd enough to catch my interest. Could be pretty cool if it's not afraid to embrace the quirks of this limited description. Thoughts?

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